Special Needs Rescues

If you are interested in adopting a rescue dog, or would like to find out how you can help, please contact us at glimmeroflife@aol.com.




Jackie is a sweet Jack Russell Terrier (possibly mixed). She is our latest rescue here at Glimmer of Life, and we'll be needing all the help we can get to fix her up! She was found wandering the streets in Davie. She was infested with ticks from head to tail and was faced with many major health problems. Turns out... Jackie was pregnant, had a foreign metal object lodged in her digestive tract, was fighting a terrible case of pneumonia, and heart worm positive. Due to complications, Jackie went in for emergency surgery with Dr. Hannah at Hometown Animal Hospital on 7/21/15. Unfortunately, her babies did not survive. We are now trying to raise money to cover the cost of Jackie's surgery, and to get her the continued care that she needs to treat her heartworms and pneumonia. Assuming all goes well, Jackie will also be in need of a loving forever home. She is super sweet, gives tons of kisses, and would make an excellent companion! She is currently carrying a stuffed toy around everywhere she goes... we think she thinks it's her baby.

We are now accepting donations to raise the funds to make this possible. Please help us help Jackie by making a donation to save Jackie. All donations are tax deductible, and 100% of the proceeds will benefit Jackie's healthcare. We will keep you all informed as to when she will be adoptable, however, if you are interested, feel free to submit an application now!