Happy Endings at Glimmer of Life!

Here are just a few of the many happy endings we've experienced here at Glimmer of Life. From finding our rescues loving homes to successul life-saving surgeries, we'd like to share some of these happy moments with you and hope for many more to come!

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Your Donations Helped Fund Hollywood's Lifesaving Surgery!
We are happy to announce that Hollywood has made a full recovery following lifesaving surgery! He arrived in such terrible shape that we almost thought we might lose him. Initially, his bloodwork revealed that he wasn't healthy enough to undergo surgery, and his infection only continued to spread. But luckily, the antibiotics kicked in, and Hollywood was able to get the surgery he so desperately needed. He has since made a full recovery, which would not have been possible without the help of the Hollywood police department, Ed Degelsmith, and everyone who made a donation in his name. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! Hollywood is a very special dog, and we couldn't have done this without you!

UPDATE: Hollywood survived his lifesaving surgery and has made a complete recovery! He also found a wonderful new home!

We've just accepted a Yorkie rescue in urgent need of medical care. This poor little guy was found on the street and dropped off at the Hollywood Police Station. He's in really rough shape and was taken in to see Dr. Elizabeth at Hometown Animal Hospital yesterday. X-Rays and bloodwork confirm that he is suffering from a painful infection and complete blockage of his bladder due to stones. He is in urgent need of lifesaving surgery, but is not yet healthy enough to undergo the procedure. His bladder has been drained, he's been catheterized, and hooked up to IV antibiotics to help fight the infection. If all goes well, we hope to have his surgery scheduled for next week.

Sasha's Eye Surgery Was a Success - She's Ready For Her New Home!

UPDATE: Sasha has been adopted!

We are pleased to announce that Sasha, one of our latest rescues here at Glimmer of Life, has made a complete recovery after having eye surgery to repair a condition known as "cherry eye." She's doing great and is in excellent health, and she can't wait to find a forever home!

 If you are interested in adopting Sasha, please visit our current adoption hosting site:

Pets Are People Too Grooming Salon
: 5195 S University Dr. Davie, FL 33328 - 954-436-2110 (Ask to speak with the director of Glimmer of Life Pet Rescue)



Your Donations Helped Fund Luna's Tumor Operation

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who donated, we were able to raise the funds necessary to get Luna the operation she so desperately needed.

Luna suffered from massive tumors of the mammary glands, a common condition among unspayed females. Her tumors were successfully removed, and she was spayed. We are still waiting for the pathology results to rule out cancer. In addition, she suffers from glaucoma in her left eye, which is a very painful disease. If left untreated, glaucoma can lead to permanent blindness, so that's next up on our list to fix!

There are still several other rescues in need of urgent medical treatment. If you can find it in your heart to make a donation today, please click on the link below. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 100% of all donations received go directly towards the care of the animals. 


6/9/16 - Your Donations Helped Fund Angie's Eye Surgery

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who donated, we were able to raise the funds necessary to get Angie the eye surgery she so desperately needed!

Angie suffered from glaucoma, a very serious and painful eye disease in which fluid build-up puts extreme pressure on the eyes. If left untreated, glaucoma can result in permanent blindness... which is exactly what happened in Angie's case. Although her eyes could not be saved, she will no longer be in pain. Her surgery went well, and we hope for a speedy recovery!

There are still several other dogs and cats in need of urgent medical treatment. If you can find it in your heart to make a donation today, please click on the link below. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 100% of all donations received go directly towards the care of the animals. 



UPDATE: Jackie has made a FULL recovery following her surgery. She is still being treated for heartworms, but is otherwise in good health! She's been adopted by a wonderful couple who had previously adopted a Jack Russell Terrier from us in the past! We'd like to thank each and every one of you who made a donation towards Jackie's surgery and continued care. We couldn't have saved her without all of YOU!!!

Jackie is a sweet Jack Russell Terrier (possibly mixed). She is our latest rescue here at Glimmer of Life, and we'll be needing all the help we can get to fix her up! She was found wandering the streets in Davie, FL. She was infested with ticks from head to tail and was faced with many major health problems. Turns out... Jackie was pregnant, had a foreign metal object lodged in her digestive tract, was fighting a terrible case of pneumonia, and tested heart worm positive. Due to complications, Jackie went in for emergency surgery with Dr. Hannah at Hometown Animal Hospital on 7/21/15. Unfortunately, her babies did not survive. We are now trying to raise money to cover the cost of continued care that Jackie will need to treat her heartworms and pneumonia. Assuming all goes well, Jackie will also be in need of a loving forever home. She is super sweet, gives tons of kisses, and would make an excellent companion! She is currently carrying a stuffed toy around everywhere she goes... we think she thinks it's her baby.

Chihuahua "Forrest Gump" Survives After Being Hit by Car in Miami Gardens
UPDATE: Forrest received X-Rays and treatment at Just Paws Animal Hospital, and he is doing great! Not a single broken bone, and no internal bleeding.. he truly is a lucky guy, AND he's found a wonderful home!

This little guy was brought to Glimmer of Life by a wonderful woman who found him lying in the street in a puddle of his own blood after being hit by a car in Miami Gardens. He has quite a few wounds, bumps and bruises, but is truly lucky to be alive! We are now accepting donations to fund this little guy's care. He will need X-Rays, which have already been scheduled, and may need further medical treatment. He is a bit sore and doesn't walk much, but is in good spirits! He's well fed and most likely belongs to a family somewhere in Miami Gardens. He has no microchip and was wearing no tags. We already have an amazing foster home lined up for him, so if we are unable to locate his family, he will be looking for a loving, forever home.
Ella Is On Her Way To Heart Surgery
UPDATE: Ella has been adopted by a wonderful family who will be taking her in for surgery at the University of Georgia!

Ella is an adorable 4 month old Maltese who was taken in by Glimmer of Life after being diagnosed with a deadly grade 4 heart murmur. Unfortunately for Ella, her family was not prepared emotionally or financially to care for her. Ella's condition is fatal if left untreated, and her vet has described her as a "ticking time bomb." We do not know how long she has left before her heart gives out, so our goal is to raise enough funds to cover Ella's heart surgery as soon as possible! Ella is so full of life and has LOTS of love to give! Her favorite things are walks, cuddles, and giving tons of kisses! Please help us help Ella by making a donation towards her surgery. All donations are tax deductible, and 100% of the proceeds will benefit Ella's healthcare. She is also in need of a loving, forever home!
Izzy's Foster Home Turns Permanent
We would like to congratulate Debbie, our longtime volunteer on her newly adopted companion, Izzy! This amazing woman has been volunteering for Glimmer since the very beginning. She has devoted every one of her Saturdays to our rescue pups for as long as we can remember, offering lots of snuggles, trips to the dog park, and just LOVE in general! We couldn't have asked for a more caring and dedicated volunteer! We are so glad that she was finally able to convince her husband to permanently adopt Izzy, a sweet little Chihuahua that she had been fostering! We know that Izzy will have a wonderful life with Debbie as her mom!
Puppy Mill Chihuahuas, Rambo & Stallone, Finally Adopted After Nearly 5 Years
After nearly 5 years of waiting patiently for a loving family to come along and adopt them, Rambo & Stallone have finally found their forever home - together! The two Chihuahuas came to Glimmer of Life back in 2010 in a shipment of over 40 dogs rescued from a puppy mill. The dogs were due to be euthanized until Glimmer caught wind of the news and raised the money to have them shipped here to Florida instead. Rambo and Stallone were the last 2 remaining from that group, and for reasons we understood completely. To be quite honest, we had almost expected the pair to live out the rest of their days in a cage together, right here in our facility. The truth of the matter is... the odds were stacked against them. They're older, they're Chihuahuas, they're males, and they didn't seem friendly towards outside strangers who would come in looking to adopt a dog. If they didn't know you, they didn't trust you, and it was all due to their abusive past. It was clear to us that these two, along with the 38 others, were used for nothing but breeding. They were terrified of humans, almost as if they had never had any type of human contact before in their lives. You couldn't even bend down to pet them without them either trembling and cowering in the corner or viciously barking at you. They did exceptionally well with other dogs, but feared humans. It took a long time for them to come around, but with lots of work, they slowly began to trust our staff here, as well as a few other familiar faces. Although we knew their true, kind and sweet nature, others couldn't see what we did. We'd like to give a very special thanks to Ms. Pamela Zuccarini. This wonderful woman has opened her heart and her home to these 2 beautiful creatures who have never before had the chance to experience the love of a family and a nice warm bed. It really takes a special person to adopt a special needs dog, and she's just adopted two of them! We couldn't imagine separating them after all these years, so we are so thankful that Rambo and Stallone are still together, and even more thankful that they've been given a second chance. We'd also like to thank Debbie, our longtime volunteer, who has been with us from the start. Through weekend trips to the dog park and cuddle sessions on rainy days, she has formed a tremendous bond with the pair. We know that they'll be so much happier in a real home and can't wait to receive an update in the near future to see how they've adjusted!
JoJo Has Made a Full Recovery After Lifesaving Surgery
maltese rescue dog

UPDATE: For all of our followers who have been wondering about JoJo, we are very happy to announce that he has fully recovered and was adopted by a wonderful family late last year. Thank you all for your amazing support. We've saved yet another life, and we couldn't have done it without all of YOU!!!

When JoJo arrived at Glimmer of Life pet rescue, we immediately knew there was something terribly wrong with him. He didn't have much hair on his body. Turns out, JoJo was suffering from malnutrition due to PRAA, or Persistent Right Aortic Arch. His condition may worsen over time and can be fatal if not corrected with surgery. Please read on to learn more about JoJo's condition, and feel free to make a donation in his name. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all donations made to Glimmer of Life are tax-deductible.

Diagnosis: Persistent Right Aortic Arch
PRAA is a congenital abnormality in the blood vessels of the heart. When a puppy is forming in the womb, it has a blood vessel called the right aortic arch, which is meant to naturally deteriorate as the embryo grows. When this blood vessel fails to deteriorate before birth, it ends up wrapping around the esophagus, thus restricting food passage to the stomach and compressing the trachea. In JoJo's case, he is currently unable to keep down most food, and as a result, is severely malnourished (hence the hair loss).
Symptoms usually appear before 6 months of age and include: stunted growth, regurgitation immediately after eating, difficulty breathing.
Surgical removal of the persistent right aortic arch is necessary. Earlier intervention is best to avoid permanent nerve damage to the esophagus. Without surgery, the prognosis is very poor and will eventually result in death.

Two Yorkies Rescued From Deplorable Conditions  
We would like to thank Gene of Fringes Hair Salon for notifying Glimmer about two dogs living in deplorable conditions out in Cooper City. Upon arrival, they were covered in feces. Their hair so badly matted that their privates were covered and impacted. Their eyes also hidden behind dreadlocked hair, making it difficult for them to get around. Thanks to 2 very special groomers, Val and Kelly of Pets Are People Too Grooming Salon, these little ones were able to get cleaned up and comfortable. Stripping of their coats revealed multiple sores and, unfortunately for one, many tumors. Although they both received the health care that they so desperately needed, one of them did not make it. Sadly, after spending a few happy months here at Glimmer, "Buddy" succumbed to his cancer, which had spread rapidly in the last few weeks of his life. His sister, however, was adopted by a wonderful family and is living happily. A bittersweet ending to a sad story... But if we could save just one of them, it makes it all worthwhile...
Paralyzed Yorkie's Spinal Surgery is a Success: Watch Toby Take His FIRST Steps!

Toby is an adorable 2 year old Yorkie with tons of personality packed into his tiny 3 lb. body. This loving, affectionate, and curious little guy was brought to us in June 2012 by a family who could no longer care for him. We took him in, but little did we know, Toby was suffering from a life threatening disease - the same disease that had paralyzed our little Carter just last year, which I'm sure you all remember. It's called Atlantoaxial Instability (also known as AAL). Atlantoaxial Instability is an uncommon condition in which there is abnormal movement or instability between the first and second vertebra of the spine. This instability allows abnormal bending between the two bones, which causes pressure or compression of the spinal cord. Sometimes this occurs at birth, but it could also be the result of injury. Signs and symptoms include neck pain, weakness, and paralysis from the neck down. Without surgical treatment, the disease can lead to catastrophic spinal cord trauma, respiratory arrest, and even death. In Toby's case, he was not able to move his neck to look up or down, and he had to be hand fed because he could not bend his neck to eat out of a bowl. His condition was worsening day by day, and he was losing his ability to walk, often stumbling and falling down.

We are happy (and relieved) to announce that Toby's surgery was a success! He did spend a few short days in ICU due to some breathing complications, but he's recently been released and is recovering very well. He is now able to walk without falling down, although he's still a bit wobbly, but that is expected to improve in time. He can now tilt his head to look up and down, and is even able to eat out of a bowl, which he did for the very first time today! Click the link below to watch him walk!

Video: Toby's Surgery is a Success!
Video: Toby Walks After Surgery!

We were absolutely amazed by the response we received to our "Save Toby" video. As soon as the video was released, the donations just poured in from people all around the world who wanted to help us save Toby. We just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who made a donation in his name. It was really heartwarming to see the dozens of smaller donations add up for such a great cause. It just goes to show you that every little bit counts, and we are just so grateful for all of the wonderful people who actually cared enough to help us along in our endeavor to save Toby. We were able to raise the money in just 2 weeks! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Glimmer of Life Saves Death Row Dog With Broken Legs

Meet Hennessy.

Hennessy is an estimated one year old Pomeranian who was about to be euthanized when Glimmer of Life took her in. She arrived with two broken legs and was in a great deal of pain. It was estimated that her injury had taken place approximately one week prior to her arrival, and due to the delay in care, emergency surgery was absolutely necessary to keep her from losing the use of her front legs and her ability to walk. We are happy to report that Hennessy made it through a successful surgery, and is now in recovery. In addition, she's been adopted by a wonderful family and will soon be going to a happy forever home after recovery!

Neglected Shih Tzu is Rescued by Glimmer of Life  
Meet Kingston.

This poor little Shih Tzu was was taken to Pets Are People Too grooming salon for a bath when his groomer noticed several signs of neglect. Kingston was dirty and matted, and the knots over his eyes were so thick that he was unable to see and coulen't walk without bumping into walls. Upon removing the hair from his eyes, we discovered a terrible infection hiding beneath. His eye was bloody, oozing, and extremely painful. After meeting with his owner, we learned that Kingston wasn't receiving proper care at home. We offered to take him in and provide him with everything he needed, and his owner agreed. A visit to our vet confirmed that Kingston's eye had been infected for so long, that his cornea had become damaged beyond repair. His eye would need to be removed immediately to avoid the spread of infection. Glimmer of Life was able to raise enough funds to get Kingston the surgery he needed, and despite losing his eye, he's in much better spirits! He's actually happy, and even playful! He prances around with his head held high and no longer bumps into walls. With such a great personality, we were able to find Kingston a wonderful home in no time! He was adopted by a loving family and still comes in for regular visits!
Carter's Spinal Surgery a Success: Watch Him Take His 1st Steps!
We are pleased to announce that we were able to raise enough money for Carter's surgery... and it was a SUCCESS! Thank you so much to EVERYONE who made a donation in Carter's name. This little guy has touched so many hearts that even strangers have reached out to help us. We are forever grateful!

As for Carter, he is extremely happy and after much practice, he's unstoppable! The video to the right shows his very first steps after surgery in Dr. Clemmons' office. It's so funny to watch because he's slightly clumsy at first, like Bambi learning how to walk for the first time! But he's gotten much better since then. Now he runs and plays, he's like a whole new dog!

Thanks again to everyone who made this possible. You are very special, and we could not have done this without you!!!
Four Week Old Puppy Survives Lifesaving Heart Surgery  
Meet Angel.

Angel is the baby of Crystal, an 8 year old Bichon that Glimmer of Life rescued just a few months ago. Much to our surprise, Crystal was pregnant when she arrived and ended up giving birth to 4 pups while here in our care. Angel is one her babies. When Angel was just 3 weeks old, we noticed that something didn't feel quite right inside of her chest. During her check-up, the veterinarian confirmed that little Angel was born with a grade 6 heart murmur (the worst of its kind), and without emergency surgery, she would have no chance of survival. At just 4 weeks old, we were so afraid that Angel, as tiny and delicate as she was, would not make it through surgery. But amazingly, she did! The surgery was a great success, and now Angel has a long and happy life to look forward to!

As of 5/7/10, Angel is 9 weeks old and doing great! She's a playful little thing with so much spunk and personality, you'd never know that this dog almost lost her life! She's been adopted by a wonderful couple, and we couldn't be happier! Congratultions to her new parents, Angie & Miguel!
Glimmer of Life Rescues Dog Hit by Car

Meet Jacqueline.

Jacqueline is an adorable Jack Russell Terrier who was brought to Glimmer of Life after being hit by a car. The veterinarians didn't think she was going to make it, but we were very hopeful and wanted to do everything in our power to try. Luckily, the good samaritan who found her felt the same way and was willing to help in every way possible, and even funded a portion of Jacqueline's vet bills. Due to the accident, Jacqueline's bladder was ruptured. She underwent 4 surgeries to repair it. There were many complications, but we all refused to give up. Today, we are happy to report that Jacqueline has officially graduated from her physical therapy class, and is in excellent condition! She's back to running, jumping, and playing! Not only is she all fixed up, but she's also been adopted by a wonderful family! We hated seeing her go, but are very content knowing that she will be loved and cared for, and that we (with all of YOUR help and support) were able to save her life!

26 Dogs Saved from Euthanasia, 80 More Await
Adopt a small dog at Glimmer of Life pet rescue!

UPDATE: We are happy to announce that we were able to rescue over 40 dogs from these facilities. Each and every one of them were spayed/neutered, vetted, received all necessary treaments, and adopted out to wonderful homes! Thank you all for your amazing support. We've given them a second chance at life and couldn't have done it without all of YOU!!!

Glimmer of Life has successfully led the rescue of 26 dogs facing euthanasia as puppy mills close down in the mid-west. After reading about upcoming facility closures in the news, Glimmer reached out to the breeders and offered to pay for the dogs instead of having them euthanized. As most of you know, our facility is very small and can only house so many dogs at a time, so we had to have these guys shipped across the country in batches. So far, we've rescued 26 dogs, but 80 still remain, and we hope to bring them home soon. Our goal is to adopt out as many dogs as possible over the next few weeks to make room in time to save the dogs that still remain. So far, of the dogs that we received, it is apparent that most of them have only ever been used for breeding purposes and have never had the chance to experience the warmth of a bed or the love of a caring family. They're frightened of people, none of them are spayed or neutered, and some even have tumors and signs of health issues. In the coming weeks, Glimmer of Life will be raising the funds necessary to care for each and every one of these dogs. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, every penny you donate goes directly to the dogs, and your donation is tax-deductible!

Bobby Survives Miracle Surgery  

Meet Bobby.

Bobby is a beautiful little Yorkie who came to us in 2007 at just 1 year old. She had slowly become paralyzed, and her owner wasn't willing to provide her with the level of care she needed on a daily basis. Bobby's medical condition baffled many veterinarians. They just couldn't figure out what was causing her paralysis. But we never gave up hope, and eventually... we met Dr. James Cook, a highly renowned neurologist and neurosurgeon based in South Florida. Dr. Cook diagnosed Bobby with a serious disease called Atlantoaxial Instability (AAL). AAL is an uncommon condition in which there is abnormal movement or instability between the first and second vertebra of the spine, causing compression of the spinal cord. Sometimes this occurs at birth, but is often the result of injury. Signs and symptoms include neck pain, weakness, and paralysis from the neck down. Without surgical treatment, the disease can lead to catastrophic spinal cord trauma, respiratory arrest, and even death. There is only ONE vet qualified enough to repair an AAL, and he just so happens to be located in very same state that we are! Bobby made the 5 hour trip up to the University of Florida's College of Veterinary Medicine, where the surgery was actually invented by world renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Roger Clemmons. Dr. Clemmons was able to successfully repair the AAL of delicate one and a half pound Bobby, and ultimately saved her life! A whopping 4 years later, Bobby is stll alive and well! She is able to walk, eat, and play like a normal dog! We are forever grateful for Dr. Cook, Dr. Clemmons, and all the rest of the brilliant doctors at the University of Florida's Veterinary Medical Center who took such great care of Bobby!